Our Faculties

MITCOM faculty are leaders in their areas of study and have the accolades to prove it. These faculty are Academician, Corporate Executives, Researchers and Management Consultant, they are sought after to share their insights in the classroom.

In the Classroom

Our faculty creates a learning environment where you will be challenged to debate ideas, test theories and defend solutions.

Outside the Classroom

You'll find them approachable and willing to continue the dialogue. Share contacts. Offer feedback and coaching for competitions. You will have the chance at special student forums, to hear and ask questions about their latest findings and experiences.

Prof. Mrs. Sunita Karad Director IT View..
Prof. Dr.Sayalee Gankar Director View..
Prof. Dr Ganesh Tannu Academic Head View..
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  1. General Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations
  4. Finance
  5. Human Resource
  6. Tally
  7. French


General Management
Dr. Ashish Tavkar, Negotiation Skills, HR Competency Mapping Prof. Dr. Mohini Sukhapure, Organizational Behavior Dr. Rajhansa, Strategic Management
Dr. Sunil Kode, Agri-Post Harvest Management. Dr. S.W. Deshpande, HRD Tolls and Instruments Prof. Abhay Kulkarni, Retail Supply Chain and Logistic Management
Prof. Abhilash Nambudri, Agri Marketing Prof. Alaknanda Abhyankar, Managerial Economics Prof. Ashok Soman, Strategic Management
Prof. Mrs.Divya Lekha, IT Prof. Malvika Mukharji, Business Communication Prof. M.G.Dhaigude, Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making
Porf. P.A. Naronha, Business Law Prof. Priyanko Dasgupta, Food Retail Management Prof. Pushkar Phadtare, Customer Relationship Management
Prof. Sangeeta Athawale, Managerial Economics Prof. Sanjeev Kulkarni, Retail Branding and Strategy Prof. Siddharth Mishra, Customer Relationship Management
Prof. S. Jahagirdar, Agricultural Export and International Trade Prof. S. R. Phadake, Quantitative Techniques, Statistical Methods and Research Methodology Prof. Subha Kulkarni, Retail Management
Prof. Suresh Bhosale, Agricultural Finance Prof. Vishram Rajhans, Sales and Distribution Management Prof. Vivek Hoshing, Food technology and Processing Management
Dr. Suresh Abhanyankar, Services Marketing Dr. Vijay Kulkarni, Marketing Prof. Amod Agarkar, Direct & Indirect Taxation
Prof. Anudeep Nair, Retail Design & Visual Merchandise Prof. Ashok Kumar, International Business Management Prof. Debashia Dutta, Strategic Management
Prof. Neeraj Jawanjal, Retail Management Prof. Nene, International Marketing Prof. Priyanko Das Gupta, Food Retail Management
Prof. Pushkar Phadtare, Strategic Marketing Prof. Rajev Deo, Product and Brand Management Prof. Rahul Shiledar, Retail Business System
Prof. Ranjit Lahiri, Market Relations Prof. S. Shrihattikar, Strategic Marketing Prof. Shrirang Abhyankar, Marketing Mgt
Prof. Sonal Parmar, Strategic Marketing Prof. Vishwesh Patankar, Advertising and Promotions  
Prof. Anil Ghatge, Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making Prof. Ashok Dhingra, World Class Manufacturing Prof. Dilip Mandavgane, Manufacturing Strategy
Prof. Pradeep Kale, Production and Operation Management Prof. Pundle, Production and Operation Management Prof. Shashikantt Parasnis, Total Quality Management
Prof. Surana, Six Sigma Prof. Ulhas Kelkar, Manufacturing Strategy  
Dr. Avinash Kulkarni, Finance Project Management Dr. Mahesh Abale, Advance Financial Services Prof. Aneesh Day, Risk and Dervative Management
Prof. Anil Bijur, International Finance Prof. Ankool Modak, Direct and Indirect Taxation Prof. Ashwin Kapoor, Management Accounting
Prof. Atanu Mandal, Supply Chain and Logistic Management Prof. Avinash Chimaye, Finance Prof. Bala Chandran, Advanced Financial Management, Cases
Prof. Chetan Damle, Indirect Taxasation Prof. Keshav Limaye, Finance Prof. Ketaki Deshpande, Strategic Cost Management
Prof. Madhav Joglekar, Financial Management Prof. Mahaddalkar Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Prof. Nisha Sawant, Financial Services ,Financial Markets
Prof. S B Kulkarni, Financial Services Prof. S. Hajeri, Financial Services/Taxation Direct & Indirect Prof. Sunil Kelkar, Corporate Finance
Prof. Suresh Bhosale, Agri Finance Prof. Vijay Dixit, Financial Management  
Human Resource
Prof. Dr. Avinash Waga, Industrial Psychology Dr. S. G. Bapat, Collective Bargaining Prof. Bishwajit Ghoshal, Human Resource Management
Prof. Debasish Dutta, Strategic Management Prof. Kingshuk Bhadury, International Human Resource Management Prof. Latika Salgaonkar, Labour Law
Prof. Major General Sohani, Training and Development Prof. Manisha Gowilkar, Industrial Relations and Labour Law Prof. Preeti Shetiya, (HR Training Head) Cases in HR
Prof. Sandeep Chowgule, Human Resource Development Prof. Shivkumar Joshi, Compensation Management Prof. S. Sant, International Human Resource
Prof. Sunder Desai, Compensation Management Prof. Vishwanath Joshi, Performance Management Prof. Vishwas Bhide, Human Resource Planning
Prof.Shweta Risbud
Prof. Jayanti
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