Agriculture is now becoming more complex and projecting new challenges. Agri business as a sector is paving a way for increasing demand for professionally qualified managers. Promotion of agribusiness activities at the country level has resulted in agribusiness management education taking new strides.
Transformation of agriculture into a business activity has created a demand for professional management and use of modern technologies in areas such as specialized production, post harvest management, promotion of value added agro products, supply chain management, marketing, etc. so as to position them competitively both in the domestic as well as in international markets.
                 Agri business management education is now a priority area in the country, therefore MITCOM added MBA-PGP in (AFBM) in order to meet the demand for skilled agri business managers for Indian agri & food industries.
                 The two year MBA-PGP in Agri-business Management from MITCOM provides an ideal academic environment, practical interaction with concerned organisations and adequate field experience to develop the students into enterprising Agri Business Managers in order to meet the growing demand from the related sectors.
                 The course is taught through the latest teaching techniques including case studies, interactive sessions, seminars, group exercises, role plays, simulated exercises, experiential learning, etc. The programme is designed to transform dynamic and determined agri graduate to HiTech Agri business managers for agri industries in India.

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