Management Development Program (MDP)

MBA (Executive) Program has always been an important constituents of the portfolio of offerings at MITCOM. MITCOM designs and offers a wide array of training programs on contemporary themes belonging to different functional areas of management. Each program is very carefully structured to ensure that it incorporates high quality in it. Our Management Development Programs are unique in nature and provides learning propositions to the participants and aim at equipping them with the evolving management concepts, practices, perspective and approaches. The training pedagogies in these programmes are aptly aligned to their specific needs and foster a more effective comprehension through participative learning.

Benefits of Management Development Programs:


  1. This is where leadership education will challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of doing business and introduce you to unexpected ways of thinking
  2. The participants are equipped with the  latest tools, techniques and skills spanning different streams of management 
  3. For conducting MDP's we have top corporate people from different industries including faculties from National and International Level


Few of the MDP Themes


  • Managing Change and Conflict at Work Place
  • Leadership for next generation managers
  • Finance for non- Finance Managers
  • Negotiation Skills for Managers
  • Managing Complexities
  • Ways of building innovative organizations
  • Strategic Tools for Business Excellence
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Capital Raising Strategies in Organizations
  • Creating a ethically driven organization
  • Managing Technology and Innovation
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